Symposium on Reimagining PsA: Raising The Standard of Care For Patients

In this introductory video, Prof. van der Heijde (Chair) introduces the faculty, agenda, and objectives of the symposium.

During this first presentation, Prof. Conaghan discusses real-world data from registries and observational studies, describing how they provide insight into the effectiveness and safety of PsA treatments in clinical practice.

During this presentation, Dr Wright explains the importance of taking extra-articular manifestations and comorbidities into account when making comprehensive treatment decisions, together with the safety risks associated with specific PsA treatments.

In this session, Dr Coates highlights axial PsA as a key manifestation of PsA, and outlines the ongoing unmet needs for classification criteria and treatment strategies. She presents data from MAXIMISE, the only randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in patients with axial PsA.

In this final presentation, Prof. Nash presents learnings from recent head-to-head trials in PsA, explaining how they can help guide clinical decision making. He also discusses future perspectives in PsA management, introducing, a novel, data visualization model.

Prof. van der Heijde concludes the symposium, summarizing the learnings from each session.