Symposium on Reimagining axial SpA: Clinical Priorities

In this introductory video, Prof. Landewé (Chair) introduces the faculty, agenda, and objectives of the symposium.

In this first presentation, Prof. Landewé explores the axial SpA spectrum, with a focus on the challenges faced in designing randomized controlled trials that produce meaningful results that translate to clinical practice.

Using case studies, Prof. Poddubnyy explains the importance of distinguishing between diagnostic and classification criteria for axSpA in clinical practice. He also discusses the role of imaging in diagnosis, commenting on recent developments in educational programs and machine learning.

In this presentation, Prof. Marzo-Ortega summarizes the impact of axial SpA on quality of life and the unmet needs that still persist in the patient journey. She highlights that an holistic approach to treatment, including personalized management plans and goals, is essential to optimize patient outcomes.

In this final presentation, Prof. Deodhar discusses treatment options for patients with axial SpA, with a particular focus on the efficacy and safety of interleukin-17A inhibition across the disease spectrum.

Prof Landewé concludes the symposium, summarizing the learnings from each session.