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The EMG Health Podcast aims to provoke conversations around the latest trends and innovations in the world of healthcare, shares insight from thought leaders, and hosts conversations with physician entrepreneur, Jonathan Sackier.
Latest Episode | 22 MAY 2020

Aligning Pharma and the NHS

This week, Jonathan Sackier presents an interview with Emma Clayton, CEO, Grey Bear Consultancy, who featured on our sister show, the EMG GOLD podcast. In this extract, she details how pharma and the NHS can learn and work better together, and flags the importance of investing in your female workforce.

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Episode 004 | 15 MAY 2020

Human Performance

We speak to Scott Parazynski, astronaut and CEO of Fluidity Technologies, who describes his experiences in both sport and outer space, details his mindset in overcoming immense challenges, and shares his vision for FT Technologies.

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Episode 003 | 08 MAY 2020

From Cows to Cures

Jonathan Sackier reflects on the history of vaccines, the anti-vax movement, and the future of vaccinations.

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Episode 002 | 01 MAY 2020

Meet Your Host

Spencer Gore sits down with our health podcast host, Professor Jonathan Sackier, to talk through his background in surgery, business, and aviation, and what we can expect from the EMG Health Podcast.

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Episode 001 | 24 APRIL 2020

The Frontline of Coronavirus

In this special episode, Spencer Gore interviews an NHS doctor on the frontline of COVID-19 and a patient who has just recovered from the virus, unpacking this unprecedented situation from both perspectives.

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