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The EMG Health Podcast aims to provoke conversations around the latest trends and innovations in the world of healthcare, shares insight from thought leaders, and hosts conversations with physician entrepreneur, Jonathan Sackier.
Latest Episode | 14 AUGUST 2020

Risk-takers and Rulebreakers

This week, Jonathan Sackier chats to Dr. Dan Mahony, Co-Head Healthcare, Polar Capital. They discuss the adoption of telehealth, the importance of risk taking and owning failure, and why uncertainty is a perfect catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Episode 016 | 07 AUGUST 2020

What’s Up Doc?

This week, Jonathan Sackier delves into the pertinent subject of physician mental health. Drawing on his experiences from medical school to his time in the operating theatre, he examines the data regarding stress and burnout in HCPs and asks how we can raise further awareness of this important issue.

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Episode 015 | 31 JULY 2020

Planet Health

This week, Jonathan Sackier sits down with Sir Andy Haines, Professor at LSHTM and climate change expert, to explore the intrinsic connection between climate change and human health. Together, they discuss the impact of COVID-19, the positives of our increasingly digital world, and the effect of both diet and public policy when it comes to our own health and that of our planet.

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Bonus Episode | 27 JULY 2020

2020 Vision in IBD

Sponsored by Janssen

This episode provides an overview of the symposium ‘20 20 Vision in IBD’ from ECCO, which focusses on the importance of the IL-12/23 pathways in IBD management and how these pathways function in the larger picture of IBD pathogenesis.

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Sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson in EMEA, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Turnhoutseweg 30, B-2340 Beerse, Belgium
Bonus Episode | 24 JULY 2020

Managing AF Patients with ACS and/or Undergoing PCI

In this episode, supported by an educational grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer, Jonathan Sackier chats to Dr Amit Vora from Duke University about the results of the AUGUSTUS trial. The pair discuss patients with both atrial fibrillation and acute coronary syndrome and whether they should undergo percutaneous coronary intervention.

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Episode 014 | 24 JULY 2020

Who Dares Wins

This week, Jonathan Sackier talks to Richard Villar, former SAS Medical Officer and Orthopaedic Surgeon, about his experiences in disaster emergency response teams, the unmet needs of the developing world, and the importance of good teachers.

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Episode 013 | 17 JULY 2020

Sleep and Sound

This week, Jonathan Sackier sits down with Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor, for a discussion about the importance of a good night’s sleep. In addition to debunking myths and offering tips, they consider sleeping disorders, the effectiveness of sleeping aids, and the purpose of dreaming.

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Episode 012 | 10 JULY 2020

Remote Engagement

This week, Jonathan Sackier chats to Paula Franklin, Chief Medical Officer, BUPA, about their work remotely supporting patients and physicians, destigmatising mental health, and the importance of communication, especially during the pandemic.

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Episode 011 | 03 JULY 2020

Has AMR Gone Viral?

In this week’s episode, Jonathan Sackier delves into the subject of antimicrobial resistance, considering the scope of the problem, as well as what HCPs and consumers can do to stop the spread of superbugs.

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Episode 010 | 26 JUNE 2020

Skin Deep

This week, Jonathan Sackier talks to Dr Pearl Grimes, discussing her passion for pigmentation disorders, the lack of recognition for dermatologists, and the role of skin and race in this turbulent chapter of US history.

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Episode 009 | 19 JUNE 2020

Innovating Healthcare

This week, Jonathan Sackier discusses the crucial differences between invention and innovation, and what it takes to become a successful innovator in healthcare.

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Episode 008 | 12 JUNE 2020

Mind Over Matter

In this episode, Jonathan Sackier sits down with Lee David, Director, 10 Minute CBT, to discuss physician mental health. Together, they explore methods for HCPs to seek support and establish practical coping mechanisms, both at work and at home, during this challenging time of COVID-19 and beyond.

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Episode 007 | 05 JUNE 2020

Conflict of Interest

This week, Jonathan Sackier sits down to share his opinion on conflict of interest in healthcare, outlining the potential effect it can have on innovation.

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Episode 006 | 29 MAY 2020

Rehabilitation and Resilience

Jonathan Sackier chats to Avi Ohry, Professor Emeritus of Rehabilitation Medicine, Tel Aviv University, about the long-term effects of disability and captivity, the history of medicine, and the power of music in therapy.

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Episode 005 | 22 MAY 2020

Aligning Pharma and the NHS

This week, Jonathan Sackier presents an interview with Emma Clayton, CEO, Grey Bear Consultancy, who featured on our sister show, the EMG GOLD podcast. In this extract, she details how pharma and the NHS can learn and work better together, and flags the importance of investing in your female workforce.

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Episode 004 | 15 MAY 2020

Human Performance

We speak to Scott Parazynski, astronaut and CEO of Fluidity Technologies, who describes his experiences in both sport and outer space, details his mindset in overcoming immense challenges, and shares his vision for FT Technologies.

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Episode 003 | 08 MAY 2020

From Cows to Cures

Jonathan Sackier reflects on the history of vaccines, the anti-vax movement, and the future of vaccinations.

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Episode 002 | 01 MAY 2020

Meet Your Host

Spencer Gore sits down with our health podcast host, Professor Jonathan Sackier, to talk through his background in surgery, business, and aviation, and what we can expect from the EMG Health Podcast.

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Episode 001 | 24 APRIL 2020

The Frontline of Coronavirus

In this special episode, Spencer Gore interviews an NHS doctor on the frontline of COVID-19 and a patient who has just recovered from the virus, unpacking this unprecedented situation from both perspectives.

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