Margo Warren on Global Access to Medicine

GOLD Podcast | Episode 167

In this episode, we talk to Margo Warren, Head of Policy at the Access to Medicine Foundation, who offers her thoughts on the ever-present need for global access to medicine. Margo discusses her path into the fight for health equality, the importance of global vaccine distribution, the changing philosophies behind bringing a product to market, and the move from reactive to pre-emptive research and development.

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Speaker bio

Margo Warren has worked at the Access to Medicine Foundation for almost four years, having moved from the role of Government Engagement and Policy Manager to the Head of Policy in 2021. There, she leads the Foundation’s policy work on access to medicine and antimicrobial resistance on a global scale and develops new research on key global health priorities. Additionally, she is featured on the most recent list of ‘Canadian Women in Global Health’, and holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in international development with a focus on health policy.

Topics covered:

  • Health as a human right
  • Global access to medicine
  • Changes to the current health space
  • Drug resistant infections
  • Improving understanding of access
  • The global health community

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