Dr Richard Kaszynski on the Importance of Antivirals

GOLD Podcast | Episode 160

We talk to Dr. Richard Kaszynski, Chief Medical Officer, AiPharma, who discusses the emerging role of antivirals in healthcare. He explores his work on the GUARDIAN program, the benefits of drug repurposing, the importance of keeping patients out of hospitals and his highlights from the past year.

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Speaker bio

Dr Richard Kaszynski is the Chief Medical Officer at AiPharma, and the co-founder of GUARDIAN, developed in collaboration with Imperial College London. He was also the Senior Medical Advisor to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he worked with the coordinator general of the Ebola response to combat and contain the Ebola outbreak. He also acted as the lead clinician on the anti-infectious disease team at the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year.

Topics covered:

  • Time taken for FDA approvals
  • Drug repurposing
  • Improving safety at mass gatherings
  • Preventative medicine

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