Chumi Khurana on Men’s Health

GOLD Podcast | Episode 161

We speak to Chumi Khurana, Global Head, Prostate Cancer Disease Area Stronghold, Janssen Oncology about her pathway into men’s health, the challenges and potential solutions in the realm of prostate disease, and her advice for family and caregivers on how best to support a loved one who is dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Speaker bio

Chumi Khurana is a female champion in the men’s health landscape. She has been on the forefront of men’s health advocacy as the Global Head of the Prostate Cancer Disease Area Stronghold for Janssen Oncology. With almost 25 years of patient-centered experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Chumi has elevated Janssen’s position in the PCa landscape, providing programs and strategies to increase access and usage of J&J’s landmark best-in-class medicines, and also expanded awareness and provided innovative services and programs to caregivers. Chumi has stated that “While the shame and sense of helplessness on the part of men with prostate cancer has manifested itself as a barrier to treatment, we have always felt that it was not just a man’s isolated issue – partners (men and women) and caregivers play a major role in advancing their care.”

Topics covered:

  • Men’s health
  • Prostate health
  • Caring for someone with prostate disease
  • Challenges in the field of prostate health

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