Webinar: Beyond PSA: Utility of a Urine Gene Expression Assay for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a leading cause of cancer in men, affecting more than 1 million men in the world and resulting in 300,000 deaths annually. Most guidelines now support shared decision-making around the question of prostate cancer early detection—but how exactly to do this remains controversial.

The conversations can be confusing, especially during a time when appointments and procedures have been cancelled and COVID-19 has upended our normal way of practicing, leaving both patients and physicians scrambling for answers. PSA remains the gold standard as a first-line screening test, but is limited in terms of specificity, especially among older men. We now have available new, non-invasive biomarkers which can help men decide whether to proceed with biopsy, in order to find high-grade, potentially lethal tumors early while minimizing over-diagnosis of low-grade, indolent tumors.

Webinar Objectives:
• Understand the basics of exosomes and exosome-based diagnostic tools;
• Learn why an exosome-based liquid-biomarker approach offers an ideal platform for the early risk assessment of high-grade prostate cancer;
• Compare the performance of various biomarkers and how they fit into clinical practice;
• Determine which patients would most benefit from the ExoDx Prostate (EPI) test as a risk assessment tool.