Survivorship Summit 2018

Everywhere in Europe the survival rate of cancer has improved. As of today, there are around 10 million European cancer survivors of which more than a third are of working age.

Although it is no longer a death sentence, cancer risks remaining a life sentence, preventing survivors from resuming a normal life. Research shows a higher unemployment rate in cancer survivors as compared to the cancer-free population. Also, individual testimonies illustrate challenges in obtaining health/life insurance, loans and mortgage.

There is a life after cancer, but how far do we understand the issues in that ‘post-C’ life? We understand some aspects of it but it is far from enough to be transformed into policies and care plans supporting this growing needs. In light of this high research demand, the EORTC survivorship task force takes a holistic approach to develop and conduct research projects aiming to

  • Increase the awareness survivorship issues;
  • Define tailored health care for survivors;
  • Underpin policy making to improve health status, quality of life and social participation of cancer survivors.