MedTech Impact on Wellness

MedTech Impact on Wellness is an educational session at the A4M/MMI Annual World Congress in Las Vegas, featuring perspectives from clinicians, healthcare executives, technology and device developers, and entrepreneurs. With a diverse array of panel speakers, all of whom represent various aspects of the rapidly advancing industry of healthcare technology, sessions will primarily focus on how to revolutionize the prevention, diagnosis, and management of chronic disease. The specialized 3-day conference track includes lectures surrounding the medical applications of digital technology, with specific focus on obesity and concussions. Further key topics include healthcare delivery–and the ways in which technology can better engage Medicaid and Medicare patients–and the advantages of wearable & wireless technologies.  Healthcare practitioners and professionals will be introduced to procedures, protocols, and practices that ultimately aim to improve overall patient care, and more efficiently manage population health. 


Website: https://www.a4m.com/world-congress-2018/home.html