Genomic Instability and Gene Therapeutics in Neurological Diseases – Neurodegeneration: From Causes to Therapy

Join scientific chairs Mimoun Azzouz and Sherif El-Khamisy (both University of Sheffield) at the Genomic Instability and Gene Therapeutics in Neurological Diseases conference in Cancun, Mexico between 05 and 08 March 2018.

With the rapidly emerging new tools including genomics, bioinformatics, metabolomics and proteomic analysis and new powerful editing tools such as CRISPR/CAS9 we are getting closer to more defined understanding of the complex cellular pathways underpinning neurodegeneration, which underlie many debilitating pathological and age-associated neurological demise. This is a great opportunity to assemble a rich programme of international speakers to address the latest advances from basic research to clinical applications in disorders of the central nervous system.

The conference will primarily focus on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/frontotemporal dementia (ALS/FTD), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, and repeat expansion disorders with translational spin focussing on recent advances in gene based-therapeutics.